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La Tempesta d’amore

Works by G. F. Handel, A. Scarlatti and A. Vivaldi

Cantatas I: La tempesta d’amore
Musical director: Emilio Percan
Soloists: Raffaella Milanesi (Sopran), Emilio Percan (Barockvioline), Oriol Aymat Fusté (Barockvioloncello), G.A.P. Ensemble

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The tragic love story of Hero and Leander provides the framework for this concert starring the soprano Raffaella Milanesi and the G.A.P. Ensemble. In the Greek legend, Leander swims across a strait to visit his beloved, Hero, who lights a beacon to guide him. But when a storm blows out the fire, Leander gets lost and drowns. Out of grief, Hero follows him into death. Both Alessandro Scarlatti and George Frideric Handel wrote a cantata about the story and both of these can be heard in this concert. While Scarlatti tells the story up to the drowning of Leander, Handel’s work is restricted to Hero’s lament. The tempest at sea that causes the tragedy can be heard in the music of Vivaldi’s La tempesta di mare, which surpasses even the Four Seasons in virtuosity. Further works by Handel, a concerto grosso and extracts from two operas round out the concert.