Visitor regulations

Visitor regulations for the exhibitions of the Handel House Foundation in Halle (Saale)

General information

Admission tickets are valid for a single entry and are not transferable. They lose their validity when leaving the museum. The visitor is obliged to keep the admission ticket until the end of his visit. By purchasing an admission ticket, each visitor accepts these visitor regulations. The exhibitions of the Handel House Foundation must be left by the end of the valid opening hours at the latest. Emergency exits may only be used in emergency situations.


Before entering the exhibition rooms, we kindly ask you to lock up bulky objects, umbrellas, sticks (except walking aids), backpacks, shopping bags etc. as well as coats and jackets in the lockers provided. In case of doubt, the supervisory staff will decide what you may take with you. Lockers are available in the area of the visitors' WC for depositing clothes and bags. The museum cannot guarantee the safety of the lockers. Cloakroom storage is free of charge. The Handels-House Foundation accepts no liability for valuables contained in the items handed in or in the cloakroom handed in.

Supervisory staff

The supervisory staff is entitled to check visitors' admission tickets and issue instructions as part of their supervisory duties towards visitors. If the visitors' regulations or the instructions of the supervisory staff are not followed, the persons concerned may be prohibited from continuing to stay in the house. Visitors who repeatedly fail to comply with the Visitor Regulations and/or the instructions of the supervisory staff may be banned from the premises. The admission fee will not be refunded if the visitor is expelled from the museum.

Photography in the exhibitions

Photography and filming is only permitted in the exhibition rooms of the permanent exhibitions without flash. For copyright reasons, photography and filming is not permitted in the special exhibitions. Exceptions will be examined on a case-by-case basis and will only be granted with the permission of the management of the Handel House Foundation or the museum management.

Smoking ban

There is a general ban on smoking in rooms of the Handel House Foundation. The use of fire and open light is prohibited.

Consumption of food and beverages

Consumption of food or beverages is only permitted in the entrance foyer and in the Serenadenhof, but not in the exhibitions of the Handel House Foundation.


Animals are not allowed in buildings of the Händel-Haus Foundation.

Conduct in the exhibition rooms

Visitors should behave in the exhibition rooms in such a way that other visitors are not disturbed. Children under ten years of age may only be permitted to visit the exhibitions of the Handel House Foundation when accompanied by an adult. Teachers, group leaders and guardians are responsible for the appropriate conduct of children and young people in their company. It is not permitted to touch, damage or contaminate exhibits (with the exception of those exhibits where explicit reference is made to their use), display cases and explanatory panels. Visitors are liable for all damage caused by their behaviour. Parents are liable for their children. The obligation to reimburse costs also applies in the event of negligent or intentional activation of the alarm system.

Visitor groups

Free audio tours are offered, which should be registered if possible. For an expert personal guided tour of groups, prior written or telephone registration is required. For personal guided tours of the permanent exhibitions an additional fee is charged in addition to the entrance fee. Further information can be obtained by calling (0345) 500 90 - 219. There is no entitlement to a guided tour that has not been previously agreed in writing.

Admission fees and opening hours

Admission prices and opening hours can be found in the publications of the Handel House Foundation and at the ticket office. Special opening hours (e.g. on public holidays) can be obtained from the telephone switchboard (0345) 500 90 - 0 or on the Handel House Foundation's homepage.


The Handels-House Foundation shall not be liable for damage caused to visitors in the exhibition rooms, unless intent or gross negligence on the part of the Handels-House Foundation is to be justified.

Notes, complaints, lost property

Notes, wishes and comments on the exhibitions shown by the Handel House Foundation and the visitor service facilities can be entered in the guest book available at the ticket office. We request that complaints be sent directly to the museum management. Lost property will be accepted by the cashier or supervisory staff. Inquiries about lost property should be addressed to the management of the Handel House Foundation.

The Visitor Regulations come into force on 1 October 2023.

Clemens Birnbaum
Director Händel-Haus Foundation