Small, fine concerts - great artists

To ensure that you can enjoy great concerts by renowned artists and baroque ensembles beyond the Handel Festival, we have established three concert series: "Music in the Handel House", "Focus Bohlenstube" and "Handel's Treasures - Music in Dialogue".

Each concert series takes you into the historic ambience of the Handel House, into small, exquisite rooms. These concert series are also characterised by historical performance practice - to bring out the sound of the Baroque even more authentically. You can also attend all concert series at an affordable price.

We think: All in all, lots of great reasons to really look forward to these concert series!

In addition, the Handel House Foundation invites you to the "Jazz Summer" in the large courtyard every year in July and August! Let yourself be enchanted by virtuoso jazz music on balmy summer evenings with a cool drink and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. The programme is just as varied as the many facets and variations of jazz.

Music in the Handel House

A real audience favourite. For in the Chamber Music Hall of the Handel House you will experience top-class musicians, some of whom have already been guests at the Handel Festival.

Musik im Händel-Haus
Focus Bohlenstube

Experience authentic sounds in a historical setting! The concert series takes you into the sound worlds of historical instruments, played in a historical setting.

Handel's treasures

On stage: music and conversation! "Handel's Treasures - Music in Dialogue" is a multifaceted series of discussion concerts.

Händels Schätze
Schätze Mitteldeutschlands
Treasures of Central Germany

Since January 2018, the Handel House Foundation has been organising this concert series together with members of the Academic Orchestra. The concerts take place in the special ambience of the Wilhelm-Friedemann-Bach-Haus.

Jazz Summer

A mild summer evening, a cool drink and lively, virtuoso jazz - this is the romantic setting promised by the Jazz Summer in the historic courtyard of the Handel House.

Jazz Sommer