Advance booking for the 2024 Handel Festival has started!

Advance ticket sales for the Handel Festival Halle 2024 started at the same time as the presentation of the programme. Directly to ticket sales:

Impressions of the 2023 Handel Festival

From 26 May to 11 June 2023, a regional and international audience visited the Handel Festival in the city on the Saale - a review...

For the love of Handel

Every year, the Handel Festival celebrates the masterful work of the musician and composer.

The first Handel festivals in Halle took place as early as the 19th century. In 1922 Handel's operas were rediscovered at "Halle Handel Festivals", and since 1952 the Handel Festival has been held regularly once a year - in honour of Handel, who was born in Halle and spent his formative first decades here, and in honour of his great music.

Oh là là! Handel? - French inspirations

Next year's Handel Festival will take place from 24 May to 9 June 2024.

Experience a unique festival programme at authentic locations with top international performers such as Marie Lys, Alex Potter, Magdalena Kožená, Sophie Junker, Dennis Orellana, Mehmet Yesilcay, Leo Duarte, and many more.

The programme preview booklet and advance tickets will be available at all known ticket agencies.

You can download the programme preview booklet here:

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Handel Laureate 2024

Meet the French harpsichordist and conductor Christophe Rousset, who will receive the Handel Prize in 2024.

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Christophe Rousset