St. George’s Church

Glauchauer Straße 77
06110 Halle

For centuries, St. George’s Church (St. Georgen-Kirche in Glaucha) formed the centre of the market town of Glaucha, later Amtsstadt. Glaucha became part of Halle on October 31, 1817. The earliest record of the church of St. George, Glaucha, dates back to 1121. When this was destroyed by fire in 1740, a new, Baroque building was constructed from 1740–44 with a ground plan in the form of a Greek cross and a tower on the east side. From 1692 to 1715, August Hermann Francke was the pastor of St. George’s Church, Glaucha, where Thomas Müntzer had previously worked as chaplain in 1522.