The Opera Halle

Universitätsring 24
06108 Halle

In 1886, the "Opernhaus Halle" was built as the "Hallisches Stadttheater" (Hallensian City Theater). At that time, the opera was one of the most modern theaters in Europe. To the architect Heinrich Seeling the best possible fire protection and grand scale stage technique were most important.

Shortly before the end of the World War II, an air raid destroyed the building. In 1948 began the simplified reconstruction and development on the old compendium, according to Kurt Hemmerling´s plans. The 31st March 1951 the then called "Theater des Friedens" ("Theater of peace") reopened. Traditionally, all dramatic genres were covered for in the theater´s repertoire, but especially the representation of Handel´s operas made the "Landestheater Halle" known beyond city limits.

Since 1981 the actor´s ensemble switched, at first little by little but then completely, over to the new theater, the "neues theater". The outcome of this was a wonderful new opportunity to lead the over one hundred years old erstwhile "more section theater" ("Mehrspartentheater") as an all "music theater" ("Musiktheater"). 10 years later it´s name was changed to "Opernhaus Halle", facing audience´s great expectations.