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Alessandro Severo HWV A13

Pasticcio mit Musik von G. F. Händel // Musikalische Leitung: Jana Semerádová // Inszenierung: Monika Hliněnská // Ausstattung: Linda Holubová // Licht: Jan Komarek // Solist*innen: Raffaele Pe (Alessandro), Hana Blažíková (Salustia), Sylva Čmugrová (Giulia), Helena Kalambová (Claudio), Tereza Zimková (Albina), Jaromír Nosek (Marziano) // Collegium Marianum // In Koproduktion mit Collegium Marianum

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Ostdeutschen Sparkassenstiftung gemeinsam mit der Saalesparkasse

Tickets entitle you to free admission to the permanent exhibitions “Neues Schillerhaus” (New Schiller House) and “Badegeschichte im Douche Pavillon” (History of Spa in the Douche Pavilion) two hours before the start of the event.

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75, 65

30 € listening place

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In the pasticcio Alessandro Severo from 1738, Handel used arias that he had written for ten earlier operas, to which he added new recitatives and an overture. In it, Handel shows himself to be a master of the genre: in no time at all, he succeeded in compiling a selection of his greatest successes into a new opera plot, a kind of gala performance of his “greatest hits”. At the centre of the action are intrigues by the power-mad empress Giula against her son, the Roman emperor Severus Alexander, and his wife, Salustia. The two main roles are excellently cast, with Raffaele Pe and Hana Blažíková. The Italian star singer Raffaele Pe not only gave a performance of the highest musical standard at the 2019 Handel Festival in the title role of Arbace; he is also the first countertenor ever to be invited to sing at the Verona Opera Festival in the Arena di Verona. The renowned soprano Hana Blažíková has also been captivating international  audiences for many years with her interpretations of music from the Middle Ages through to the Baroque. They will be accompanied by Collegium Marianum, performing on historical instruments and conducted by Jana Semerádová, who has already been acclaimed on several occasions in Halle for its dynamic performance style. The director of this very special, rarely performed Handel opera is Monika Hliněnská. It will be a feast for eyes and ears.