St. Bartholomew’s Church

The family of the composer G. F. Handel has important roots in the region of Mansfeld. Handel’s great-great-grandfather Christoph Ziebogen (1524-1598) was a wealthy farmer in Aseleben and also a regional judge in Seeburg.He died of the plague in 1598.His epitaph was originally located in the church in Aseleben.Today’s church in Aseleben, St. Bartholomew’s, was built in 1875 on the site of a former church dating from the eleventh century.The organ, with its 600 pipes, was built by organ-builder Ernst Apel from Querfurt in 1875 for 850 taler and only restored in 1991. Aseleben lies between Halle an der Saale and the Luther City of Eisleben and today is a pretty little tourist town on the shores of lake Süsser See.

Alte Dorfstraße
06317 Aseleben