For your customers: options on coveted tickets.

Get yourself listed as one of our travel operators. That way, you can simply put an option on tickets for the Handel Festival.

The list – here’s how it works:

1. Send us an e-mail with your contact details, authorization for a travel operator and VAT number.

2. Once your form has been processed, you will be on the list.

3. Once listed, you will receive an overview of the events on which you can put an option 2 weeks before the official start of sales by e-mail. From this, choose the events you wish to reserve.

4. Send us your reservations and/or firm bookings and we will process them in order of receipt. Please note: Per event a maximum of 50 percent of the tickets can be optioned.

Concert Schedule

Publications to help you plan ahead and generate more revenue from the Handel Festival.

You can plan one year ahead with the preview in June. Scheduling is firm as of publication of the full programme in November/December.

Early birds can take advantage of the preview flyer to get a glimpse of the Handel Festival Halle highlights. This is published one year in advance of the current Handel Festival, held in June. An order is not possible from this overview.

Precise information becomes available in November/December. This is when the complete Handel Festival Halle programme is published. The exact date of publication depends on the start of ticket sales.

After publication, both are available in our Download space.