Handel Prize winner 2022

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann

(c) Ziegler

The musicologist, Music historian and university lecturer Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann will receive the Handel Prize of the City of Halle (Saale), awarded by the Handel House Foundation, 2022. The Board of Trustees of the Handel House Foundation thus honors Prof. Hirschmann’s multifaceted, highly committed and standard-setting work.

For more than a decade, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann has been actively involved in Handel research in Halle, setting extremely important accents, for example as one of two heads of editions and as a member of the editorial board of the Halle Handel Edition, for which he also edits volumes (“Berenice,” “Giustino” in preparation). The Handel conferences held during the Festival in recent years show his signature in their thematic and interdisciplinary orientation. In addition, he published many important contributions to Handel research. Furthermore, he supervised research projects on the subject of Handel, for example the basic research project on the reception of Handel in the dictatorships of Germany carried out by the Handel House Foundation, the results of which were published in two weighty partial volumes in the studies of the Handel House Foundation. Furthermore, he supervised the research project on Political Instrumentalization of Music of the Past, using the Example of George Frideric Handel, which was funded by the DFG and realized by the Martin Luther University in cooperation with the Handel House Foundation, the results of which have also been published in the studies of the Handel House Foundation. An important concern of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann is to ensure that Handel is a topic of interest for young scholars. In this context, it is worth recalling his initiative to establish an International Handel Research Prize. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann also regularly contributes constructively to the study courses organized by the Handel House Foundation. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hirschmann’s busy Handel activities can be seen not least in his active and intensive work in committees of various Handel institutions. These include, in particular, his presidency of the Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Gesellschaft e.V. and his many years of participation in the advisory board of the Handel House Foundation, of which he is chairman, as well as his advisory participation in the foundation’s board of trustees in this context.

List of the Handel Prize winner: https://www.haendelhaus.de/de/directory/32/82.