Wednesday, 03. June 2020 19:00 MS Händel


Works by G. F. Handel and others

MS Händel 2

MS Händel 2


boarding 6.30pm – unnumbered seating (drinks only on sale)

unnumbered seating 

Not only did King George I indulge in pleasure trips by boat down the Thames: musical entertainment was also a must on these occasions. And so it is for us. Join the MS Händel 2 for a trip down the romantic Saale Valley. On board, Sachsen-Anhalt Brass will take us on an enjoyable musical voyage. In its concerts, the ensemble offers the entire musical range of a modern brass band, entertaining guests with music by Handel, Pezelius, Scheidt, Gershwin, Weill and others. Just go with the flow – and the musical accompaniment of Sachsen-Anhalt Brass.