Friday, 07. June 2019 19:00 MS Händel

Water Music

Works by G. F. Handel and others, a journey down the romantic Saale Valley

Stadtpfeiffer Leipzig
boarding 6.30pm – unnumbered seating (drinks only on sale)

free choice of place

The English King George I and his retinue knew even back in the eighteenth century how to throw a good party on the Thames. Since that time, G. F. Handel’s Water Music has ranked squarely among the top ten most successful compositions in the history of music for pleasure trips with state guests. The tunes are catchy and extremely effective. These and arrangements of other popular compositions will be accompanying MS Händel 2 on a journey down the romantic Saale Valley. Besides the historical repertoire for wind instruments – notably from the Renaissance and Baroque – the five musicians of Stadtpfeiffer Leipzig also perform modern works with musical virtuosity and diversity and invariably delight their audiences. You can look forward to some unusual and also cheerful arrangements of popular and classical music with the Saale Valley as the natural backdrop.