Sunday, 29. November 2020 15:00 Oper Halle

Teseo - cancelled

Opera by G. F. Handel

Teseo HWV 9

Drama tragico in five acts after a Tragédie lyrique by Philippe Quinault
Libretto: Nicola Francesco Haym
Music by G. F. Handel

In a play version by Martin G. Berger

Performance within the framework of „Handel in Autumn“

Musical Direction: Attilio Cremonesi

Direction: Martin G. Berger

Stage: Sarah Katharina Karl

Costumes: Esther Bialas

Video: Daniel M. G. Weiss

Dramaturgy: Philipp Amelungsen

Soloists: Samuel Mariño (Jason/Teseo), KS Romelia Lichtenstein (Medea 2020/Medea), Vanessa Waldhart (Medea 1958/Agilea), Yulia Sokolik (Medea 1880/Clizia), Paula Schuster (Medea 1619), Ki-Hyun Park (Medea's Father/Egeo), Ella und Arthur Burse (Medeas Children), Linda Rabisch (Jasons' Affair), Henry Valletin (Medea's Brother)

Händelfestspielorchester Halle
Statistry of the Oper Halle

In Italian with German surtitles

Venue: Oper Halle

Promoter: Theater, Oper und Orchester GmbH

Tickets available at the theatre and concert box office, Grosse Ulrichstraße

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In 1713 Handel had just spent three years in London and wanted to continue the phenomenal success of his "Rinaldo" with his new opera "Teseo". Therefore, together with his librettist Nicola Francesco Haym, he returned to the subject of the magic opera, in which the young hero Teseo takes on the legendary sorceress Medea. In pursuit of her goals, she becomes more and more radical and does not shy away from even transforming the world into a barren hellish landscape full of monsters and demons. Charles Burney, the most famous music historian from Handel's time, considered "Teseo" an outstanding Handel work in view of the musical "strokes of genius" shown here. He finds the Accompagnati recitatives particularly remarkable, in which the wild, untamed fury of the raging sorceress and her incantations through the instruments are "wonderfully painted", as he writes.
The conductor of historically informed performance practice, Attilio Cremonesi, who is in great demand worldwide, the selected soloist ensemble around the Handel Prize winner Romelia Lichtenstein and the Handel Festival Orchestra guarantee that the audience is enchanted with the magical power of Handel's music. The staging is in the hands of Martin G. Berger, who has had a highly acclaimed career as an opera director since the early 2010s. After several awards and a nomination for the German theatre prize "Der Faust", he is working for the first time at the Halle Opera.