Tuesday, 31. May 2022 15:00 Handel House

Round table I: Handel Prize winners recount

The Halle festival before and after the Peaceful Revolution

Handel House at night

Presented by: Claus Fischer
Participants: Juliane Claus (1986 Handel Prize winner), Hanna John (1981 Handel Prize winner), Christian Kluttig (1981 Handel Prize winner), Annette Markert (1989 Handel Prize winner), Wolfgang Ruf (2011 Handel Prize winner), Karin Zauft (Handel Prize winner in 1980 and 1985 as part of the Floridante production collective)

Please note the current pandemic-related access restrictions, if applicable. Wearing a mouth-nose protection is recommended.


admission free 
unnumbered seating  

Weitere Termine

Händel-Festspiele Handel House

Round table II: Handel Operas between Madness and Reality

Orlando in Halle