Sunday, 29. May 2022 19:30 Aula der Martin-Luther-Universität

Recital by Handel Prize winner Ragna Schirmer

Works by G. F. Handel

Ragna Schirmer, Foto: Maike Helbig

Ragna Schirmer, Foto: Maike Helbig

Ragna Schirmer (keyboard) - Handel Prize winner

Please note the current pandemic-related access restrictions, if applicable. Wearing a mouth-nose protection is recommended.

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Handel was a true virtuoso on the harpsichord and organ, and he established his reputation and career as a soloist on those instruments. In this concert, you will hear suites from the Suites de pieces pour le clavecin performed on a modern grand piano, which show what an incredible keyboard virtuoso Handel must have been. With her unmistakable interpretations, the pianist Ragna Schirmer (2012 Handel Prize winner) enjoys an excellent reputation well beyond Germany’s borders. For her critically acclaimed recording of George Frideric Handel’s keyboard suites she received her second ECHO Klassik in 2009. “With Ragna Schirmer, Handel’s music is in constant motion, the beauty of the tone dominating the musical affect. The modern instrument obeys Ragna Schirmer’s style of play with astounding details and nuances of sound. The variation movements are remarkable: clearly structured and purposeful.” (Crescendo, April 2009).