Wednesday, 05. June 2019 18:00 Botanischer Garten

Promenade concert: All mein Gedanken, die ich hab, die sind bei Ihr

Love songs and romances from the “Paradise of the Muses”

Musical director: Jens Lorenz
Johann Friedrich Reichardt University Choir Halle
Pfeiferstuhl Music Halle
In collaboration with the Botanical Garden of Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Promenade concert (no seating) with a picnic on the lawn and a guided tour of the Botanical Garden (in German)


With the Halle University Choir, Jens Lorenz has delighted Halle audiences in numerous concerts including the traditional promenade concerts for many years now. This year, the focus will be on the female composers of German Romanticism, to whose works Lorenz, together with the Johann Friedrich Reichardt Halle University Choir and Pfeiferstuhl Music Halle, will be turning his attention. He has chosen for the purpose some wonderful and enchanting pieces by composers from Fanny Hensel to Louise Reichardt, who unlike their male colleagues were often not permitted to make a career of their talent. With these summer serenades and delicious bites to eat, the idyllic Botanical Garden located in the heart of the city will be paradise for festival visitors.