Thursday, 13. June 2019 19:30 Händel-Haus

Poetry-Slam: Handel and Women

In cooperation with HALternativ e. V.


“Let us take a look at the women of Handel's time, some 300 years ago,” writes Clemens Birnbaum in the editorial of this programme booklet. The slammers will be investigating the subject in detail, by asking what role can the other sex play in the life of an artist. Can it be only a positive or also a negative influence? Does experiencing love help, or is it rather an obstacle to working?
Following its successful premiere in 2018, Poetry Slam will be held once again as part of the Handel Festival in cooperation with HALternativ e. V., offering texts and performances on this year’s chosen theme. We can’t wait to see who you award the winning prize to and look forward to a poetic evening.