Wednesday, 02. June 2021 19:30 Francke Foundation

Pleasure Gardens

Seaonal music with works by G. Sanz, H. Purcell, M. Locke, G. F. Handel and others, inspired by Vauxhall Gardens

Forma Antiqua

Forma Antiqua

Musical direction: Aarón Zapico (harpsichord)
Forma Antiqua

Advance ticket sales start: March 15, 2021 

Superior entertainment in informal guise – the English pleasure gardens of the eighteenth century were accessible to all those who could afford the admission. With its musical performances, masquerades and acrobats, supper-boxes, music pavilions and shady promenades to stroll along, Vauxhall Gardens (1661–1859), situated south of the Thames, offered a carefree atmosphere.

The music of G. F. Handel was especially popular. A marble statue of him was erected in Vauxhall Gardens “out of idolisation and praiseworthy admiration” even during his lifetime. His music provided “decent“ entertainment. Brothers Pablo, Daniel and Aarón Zapico, who form the core of the Forma Antiqua ensemble, have invited other musicians to perform at this concert, in which you can hear famous melodies by composers such as H. Purcell to G. F. Handel. The concert promises light music, both colourful and ambitious, of the very highest quality.