Sunday, 07. June 2020 15:00 Theatre Bernburg

Moving Seasons

A. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and arias by G. F. Handel

Wolfgang Katschner © Ida Zenna

Wolfgang Katschner

Musical director: Wolfgang Katschner
Choreographer: Annett Göhre
Set design: Annett Hunger
Soloist: Nicholas Tamagna (countertenor)
Plauen-Zwickau Theatre Ballet
Lautten Compagney Berlin

A. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and arias by G. F. Handel in an exciting combination of Baroque sound and modern ballet

A coproduction with the Plauen-Zwickau Theatre Ballet and Lautten Compagney Berlin

Coach fare €12 each way, number of seats limited – tickets must be bought in advance with concert tickets

55, 45, 35 
20 € 
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With its catchy melodies and tone-painting effects, Antonio Vivaldi’s cycle The Four Seasons is one of the most famous works in classical music. Vivaldi is unsurpassed in his ability to create pictures through sound. In this production, his music communicates with arias by G. F. Handel, who with kindred genius to that of Vivaldi had the knack of expressing human feelings in music. The choreographer Annett Göhre transforms this enthralling mixture of sounds from the two Baroque grand masters into a timeless evening of music and movement. The Four Seasons is transformed into a lifetime in dance, painted in music by Lautten Compagney Berlin, one of the most renowned German Baroque ensembles, under the proven direction of Handel Prize winner Wolfgang Katschner.