Sunday, 06. June 2021 16:00 The Concert Hall Ulrichskirche

Lucio Papirio dittatore

HWV A6 Concert performance

Mary Bevan

Mary Bevan

Pasticcio mit Musik von G. Giacomelli und N. Porpora in der Bearbeitung von G. F. Händel (Deutsche Erstaufführung)

Musical director: Leo Duarte
Soloists: Jorge Navarro-Colorado (Lucio Papirio), David Greco (Marco Fabio), Mary Bevan (Papiria), Helen Charlston (Rutilia), James Hall (Quinto Fabio), Jess Dandy (Servilio), John Lattimore (Cominio)Opera Settecento

In Co-operation with London Handel Festival

35, 25 
Advance ticket sales start: March 15, 2021 

With Lucio Papirio dittatore, another pasticcio opera of Handel’s will be raised from oblivion in 2021. The conflict, described by Titus Livius, between the Roman military dictator Lucio Papirio Cursor and his cavalry commander Quintus Fabius Maximus Rullianus was a popular opera subject in the eighteenth century. The work was the first in a series of operas by other composers, which G. F. Handel adapted for the London stage as a pasticcio between 1732 and 1737. One of the most remarkable early music ensembles in the UK is reviving little-known Handel pasticcio. Since 2015, Opera Settecento has specialised in unearthing rarely or never previously performed operas. The London-based ensemble under the proven direction of Leo Duarte is known for its rousing musical artistry, as well as its stylistically appropriate and musically fascinating interpretations. The musicians are supported by a superb international ensemble of soloists. The work is being performed for the first time in Germany.