Sunday, 02. June 2019 15:00 The Opera Halle

Julius Caesar in Ägypten HWV 17

An opera by G. F. Handel

Michael Hofstetter

An opera by G. F. Handel
Musical director: Michael Hofstetter
Stage director: Peter Konwitschny
Set design: Helmut Brade

Solists: Grga Peros (Julius Caesar), Vanessa Waldhart (Cleopatra), Svitlana Slyvia (Cornelia), Jake Arditti (Head of Pompejus - Role of Sesto), Michael Zehe (Tolomeo), Ki-Hyun Park (Achilla), N.N. (Nireno), Robert Sellier (Curio)
Handel Festival Orchestra Halle, Choir of the Oper Halle
Organised by: Theater, Oper und Orchester GmbH Halle
In German, no supertitles

75, 60, 45  

Caesar came, saw and conquered. Or did he? Caesar would probably never have been able to declare “Operation Egypt” a success if he had not won the love of a queen. In Handel, Cleopatra not only has a pretty little nose; she also has two of the most beautiful coloratura arias ever. Whatever the case, we get the impression that for the composer, the principal character is actually Cleopatra: Handel lent her her own, unmistakable "tone”.
Handel and Gluck specialist Michael Hofstetter has been named Conductor of the Year by the specialist magazine Opernwelt on several occasions. His conducting, together with the Handel interpretations of the Konwitschny/Brade team, the many-faceted characters are shown in all their archaic sensuality and modern brashness, crazed egotism and boundless capacity for suffering.