Saturday, 01. June 2019 14:30 Goethe Theatre Bad Lauchstädt

Il Pastor fido

An opera by G. F. Handel

Il Pastor fido I Sophie Junker (c) Magdalena Halas

Musical director: Martyna Pastuszka (Violin) & Marcin Świątkiewicz (Harpsichord)
Directed by: Daniel Pfluger
Scenery: Giorgios Kolios
Costumes: Giannis Katranitsas
Lighting: Styliana Kaltsou
Soloists: Philipp Mathmann (Mirtillo), Sophie Junker (Amarilli), Rinnat Moriah (Eurilla), Nicholas Tamagna (Silvio), Anna Starushkevych (Dorinda), Zachary Wilson (Tireno), Davidson Jaconello (Dancer)
Orkiestra Historyczna

Coach fare €8 each way, number of seats limited – tickets must be bought in advance with concert tickets

85, 70, 30 

A new production based on the Halle Handel Edition in the original Italian with German supertitles

With the kind support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Tickets entitle you to free admission to the permanent exhibitions “Neues Schillerhaus” (New Schiller House) and “Badegeschichte im Douche Pavillon” (History of Spa in the Douche Pavilion) from 10am to 6pm on the day of the concert.

In Handel‘s Il Pastor fido, the love between a shepherd and a nymph is put to the test. After
many vicissitudes and jealous misunderstandings, the story comes to the traditional happy end. This lyrical pastorale flopped in London, despite the fact that Handel‘s music is a cornucopia of bewitchingly tender and reflective arias. Enough to make you wonder if the audience in 1712 didn’t have their wigs over their ears. In this international coproduction, a number of well-known soloists will also be performing, including Sophie Junker, who was loudly acclaimed at the Handel Festival in Halle in her role as Galatea in 2017 and in Göttingen in Arminio in 2018. The director is Daniel Pfluger, whose pared-down staging of Handel‘s Teseo in Karlsruhe was praised as being “radically decelerated, timeless, concentrated – and thereby detached from reality” (Neckar-Chronik). We are now awaiting the transfer of this interpretation to the Arcadia of the Pastor fido with keen anticipation