Sunday, 06. June 2021 11:00 Auditorium of the Martin Luther Universität

Il Furibondo

Werke von F. Geminiani, A. Corelli, Ch. Avison und G. F. Händel

L´Escandron Volant de la Reine

L´Escandron Volant de la Reine

L’Escadron Volant de la Reine: Marie Rouquié, Josèphe Cottet, Cyrielle Eberhardt, Gabriel Grosbard, Béatrice Linon (Violinen), Benjamin Lescoat, Samuel Hengebaert (Violen), Antoine Touche (Violoncello), Sanne Deprettere (Kontrabass), Clément Geoffroy, Gwennaëlle Alibert (Cembali)

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Il Furibondo (“the wild man“) – behind the nickname lies the Italian musician and European traveller Francesco Geminiani, a composer, violin virtuoso, art dealer and collector, music critic and musicologist. The music dictionary Universallexikon der Tonkunst (Stuttgart 1847) provides the explanation: “Tartini (1760) called Geminiani ‘il furibondo Geminiani’, probably because of his fiery style of play.” In the style of an instrumental opera, the programme traces the life and work of Francesco Geminiani in music in three acts, using works by composers with whom the Italian was in contact, for example in London. Founded in 2012 by Antoine Touche, the ensemble is known for its interesting programmes and lively, expressive and colourful interpretations of Baroque music. L‘Escadron Volant de la Reine (the “Queen‘s flying squadron”) was the name given to a circle of ladies-in-waiting of the French Queen Catherine de Medici, who performed diplomatic duties at court.