Friday, 05. June 2020 20:00 St. George’s Church

The Handel Songbook: Yes, I‘m in love

Lia Pale Ensemble: Lia Pale (vocals, flute), Tobias Faulhammer (guitar), Dominik Fuss (trumpet), Gregor Aufmesser (double bass)

arrangements: Mathias Rüegg

In cooperation with Women in Jazz

Students 15 
unnumbered seating 

What Lia Pale does is basically nothing other than what is common practice in jazz – taking existing musical material and making something individual and new out of it. Now, the singer is devoting herself to a project close to her heart and for this special evening has added a “Handel Songbook” to her repertoire. The Swiss pianist Mathias Rüegg, who arranged the pieces, will also be bringing his detail-loving fingers into play. What will actually transpire live on the evening cannot yet be revealed. But one thing is certain: the “Handel Songbook” is set to build yet another exciting bridge between the Baroque and jazz and will seriously groove.