Sunday, 30. May 2021 11:00 The Concert Hall Ulrichskirche

Handel’s Orchestral Fireworks for Kid

A family concert by Andreas Tiedemann

Musical direction: Jose Miguel Esandi
Speaker: Andreas Tiedemann
Staatskapelle Halle

Organizer: Staatskapelle Halle in cooperation with Händel-Festspielen Halle

12, 6 
free choice of seats 
Advance ticket sales start: January 15, 2021 

Music for a fireworks display? Is it at all audible above the firecrackers and bangers? Handel wrote his Fireworks Music on a commission from the king of England who wanted to celebrate a peace treaty and to make a big noise about it.

But under one condition: only warlike instruments should be used. But why on earth did the king want warlike instruments if he wanted to celebrate peace? Did Handel comply with the condition? And what are “warlike instruments” in the first place? In this family concert, we’ll find out together!