Monday, 01. June 2020 11:00 Handel House

Handel’s musical clock and his fellow musicians in London

Kristin von der Goltz

Kristin von der Goltz

Works by J. E. Galliard, F. Caporale, F. X. Geminiani, N. F. Haym and G. F. Handel

Soloists: Kristin von der Goltz(Baroque cello), Andreas Küppers (harpsichord, organ)


For a long time the cello was valued as a faithful bass accompanying instrument, then after 1700, it gained increasing prominence also as a solo instrument. This new style of playing the cello spread, like so many musical innovations, from Italy all over Europe. Nevertheless, in their charming duo programme, Kristin von der Goltz, formerly a cellist with the renowned Freiburger Barockorchester and since 2006 a member of the Berlin Baroque Soloists, and the harpsichordist Andreas Küppers place Handel in the context of his Italian and German colleagues – all of whom adopted England as their home country. The concert endeavours to portray the London music scene in around 1740 from the perspective of a cellist. G. F. Handel himself wrote no cello sonatas. However, in the concert we will hear two of his musical clock melodies from the collection 18 Pieces for a Musical Clock, the melodies of which were arrangements of opera melodies which he also used in his harpsichord works.