Friday, 07. June 2019 19:30 The George Frederic Handel Hall

Gala concert with Valer Sabadus

Sensitivity – Arias for Carestini and Salimbeni

Valer Sabadus

Works by G. F. Handel, A. Caldara, I. Holzbauer, N. Jommelli, Ch. W. Gluck and C. H. Graun
Musical director: Bernhard Forck (concertmaster)
Soloists: Valer Sabadus (countertenor)
Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin


55, 40, 30, 25, 20 

With the kind support of GP Günter Papenburg AG.

“Sensitive – Heroic – Sublime. Women in Music at the Time of Handel” was the title that Laurenz Lütteken gave to his talk at the 2015 Göttingen Handel Symposium. And sensitivity is what the concert by top countertenor Valer Sabadus and the renowned Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin is all about. It was thanks precisely to the operas of C. H. Graun that numerous singers were able to build their reputation for fervent performance. Handel was a crucial pioneer of this new type of stage hero. His late operas show evidence of an aesthetic change towards inner struggles by the protagonists, in which “mixed” feelings also play a role.
Concert-goers in previous years have experienced for themselves Valer Sabadus’s genius in expressing the music with great fervour and sensitivity. Following a concert in Halle the music critic Joachim Lange enthusiastically summed this up in Online Musik Magazin: “And then the angelic voice of Valer Sabadus (…) In this Verdi prati, those absolute moments of Handelic bliss were attained …”