Saturday, 15. June 2019 14:00 Händel-Haus

Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (The Musicians of Bremen)

A puppet show for children from age 6 with music by P. Phalese, T. Merula, G. Ph. Telemann and others

Ensemble Musitabor – Puppet Theatre and Early Music for Children: Leila Schoeneich (recorder, gemshorn and musical concept), Friederike Däublin (bass and descant viola da gamba), Konrad Navosak (theorbo, lute), Peter Kuhnsch (percussion), Martin Lenz (puppetry)


10, Kinder 5 

The donkey is unable to carry sacks any more, the dog is no longer any use for hunting, the cat is too old to catch mice and the cock is destined for the cooking pot … Together, the animals set off to Bremen to find a new home. What good luck that they have their musical instruments with them!
The Berlin theatre group Musitabor has already made several appearances at Handel House on several occasions and its performances have never failed to delight audiences. With its combination of early music and fairy tale presented in puppet-show form, the music and sometimes idiosyncratic plots enchant the onlookers.