Tuesday, 02. June 2020 19:30 Handel House

Cantatas III: Handel in Florence

Works by G. F. Handel, C. Arrigoni, F. B. Conti and F. M. Veracini

Raffaella Milanesi, picture: Alex Amengual

Raffaella Milanesi

Soloist: Raffaella Milanesi (soprano)
G.A.P. Ensemble: Emilio Percan (Baroque violin, conductor), Oriol Aymat Fusté (Baroque cello), Luca Quintavalle (harpsichord)


The Italian countryside was a source of inspiration for the young G. F. Handel. He experienced a real boost of creativity when he travelled to Italy in 1706 aged just 21. Handel let himself be inspired, travelling first to Florence and later to Rome, Naples and Venice. His cantatas, numbering over 80, are miniature masterpieces of colour. The composer, with great sensitivity, never fails to lend astonishing depth to the situations predetermined by the Baroque poetry – metaphors of nature feature frequently in these cantatas. Raffaella Milanesi and the G.A.P. Ensemble reproduce these with freshness and wit in this cantata series.