Saturday, 30. May 2020 16:00 Leopoldina - National Academy of Sciences

Cantatas I: La tempesta d’amore

Works by G. F. Handel, A. Scarlatti and A. Vivaldi

Raffaella Milanesi & G.A.P.-Ensemble, picture: Iva Dimeska

Raffaella Milanesi & G.A.P.-Ensemble

Musical director: Emilio Percan (Baroque violin)
Soloist: Raffaella Milanesi (soprano)


G. F. Handel’s years of education and travel in Italy from 1706 to 1710 had a significant influence on his compositional style. News of his musical successes spread throughout Europe, not least through the important ruling houses for which he worked. In Rome, the young Saxon found a most dependable patron in the secular prince, Francesco Maria Ruspoli. For the House of Ruspoli, he composed numerous cantatas, the texts of which are full of Arcadian metaphors. Raffaella Milanesi and the G.A.P. Ensemble will be setting musical accents with a series of cantatas: Cantatas I is entitled “Tempesta d’amore” – Tempest of Love.