Wednesday, 05. June 2019 19:30 The Opera Halle

Berenice, Regina d‘Egitto

An opera by G. F. Handel


Musical director: Jörg Halubek
Stage director: Jochen Biganzoli
Scenery: Wolf Gutjahr
Costumes: Katharina Weissenborn
Soloists: Romelia Lichtenstein (Berenice), Svitlana Slyvia (Selene), Filippo Mineccia (Demetrio), Samuel Mariño (Alessandro), Franziska Gottwald (Arsace), Ki-Hyun Park (Aristobolo),
Robert Sellier (Fabio)
Handel Festival Orchestra Halle
In Italian with German supertitles
Organised by: Theater, Oper und Orchester GmbH Halle

50, 40, 25 

For the 1736-37 season, Handel turned his attention to the historical queen of Egypt, Cleopatra Berenice III who, for reasons of Rome's political interest in Asia Minor, was to be married to her stepson, an assimilated Roman. In Handel’s ingenious, subtly phrased music, mistakes, misunderstandings, revenge, power-play and love find their expression and create clearly delineated, psychologically rounded characters.
This Halle Opera production delighted critics and audiences alike, the young male soprano Samuel Mariño being celebrated as a great new talent. Regina Müller wrote in the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel on June 1, 2018: “At the same time, this new production is a wager with which Halle Opera House is defending its reputation of permitting strong directorial signatures. Jochen Biganzoli presents this rarity as a splashy revue with serious undertones, breaks up already loose connections, cheerfully switches perspectives and time levels”.