Monday, 01. June 2020 19:30 St. George’s Church

Baroque Lounge I: Morphine

New production

Burak Özdemir © Studio Daniel Mulder

Burak Özdemir (c) Daniel Mulder

Musical director: Burak Özdemir (composition, bassoon)
Soloist: Margret Bahr (soprano)
Musica Sequenza


students 15 
unnumbered seating 

Anyone who heard Burak Özdemir at the 2015 Handel Festival will know they are in for a thrilling concert. Now, the Istanbul-born bassoonist, composer, choreographer and director, together with his ensemble, Musica Sequenza, the live electronic artist Carlo Grippa and singer Margret Bahr, has brought his project, entitled Morphine, to fruition and will premiere it in Halle. It focuses on eleven compositions by G. F. Handel, designed as a collage of sound and fused together into an artistic whole. With its untouched, transparent and unifying qualities, Morphine brings us listeners together on an invisible and universal island of sound.