Friday, 04. June 2021 19:30 Steintor Halle

Baroque Lounge: Haendel reloaded

Thomas Dobler’s New Baroque

Thomas Dobler´s New Baroque | Foto: Adam Taubitz

Thomas Dobler´s New Baroque | Foto: Adam Taubitz

Daniel Schnyder (soprano saxophone), Adam Taubitz (violin), Caroline Lambelé (violin), Basil Auslaender (violoncello), Matyas Szandai (double bass), Thomas Dobler (vibraphone/ percussion)

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The Swiss jazz vibraphonist and classical percussionist Thomas Dobler is equally well-known to jazz and classical music audiences and is synonymous with innovative projects. The fusion of jazz and Baroque music sets him off on a musical journey in the concert Haendel reloaded. In Dobler’s arrangements, works by G. F. Handel combine quite naturally with elements of jazz, world music and pop.

Backing up this musical adventure are renowned artists from Belgium, Poland, Spain, the US and Switzerland, including saxophonist and composer Daniel Schnyder, who for the 2014 Handel Festival wrote an independent and highly regarded version for a large-scale orchestra and choir of Handel’s Alceste. The Baroque Lounge means lively entertainment and top-notch music in an informal atmosphere and unusual venues.