Saturday, 15. June 2019 14:30 Goethe Theatre Bad Lauchstädt


An opera by G. F. Handel

Kostümentwurf von Niels Badenhop

Musical director: Wolfgang Katschner
Stage direction, costumes, choreography: Niels Badenhop
Soloists: Myrsini Margariti (Alcina), Nicholas Tamagna (Ruggiero), Hanna Herfurtner (Morgana), Julia Böhme (Bradamante), Andreas Post (Oronte), Elias Benito Arranz (Melisso), N. N. (Oberto)
Lautten Compagney Berlin, Ballet Baroque Berlin
In the original Italian with German supertitles
A coproduction with Lautten Compagney Berlin

Coach fare €8 each way, number of seats limited – tickets must be bought in advance with concert tickets

85, 70, 30 

With the kind support of the Ostdeutsche Sparkassenstiftung together with the Stiftung der Saalesparkasse

What fascinates people about Alcina? Is it the established idea of morals, which are foreign to Alcina, which is why she lures men to her island, bewitches them, and when she is tired of them, turns them into animals, plants or stones? Or is it Handel’s touching music, with which he portrays Alcina both as a self-seeking sorceress and a loving woman?
In this new production with Lautten Compagney Berlin, Niels Badenhop conjures up some Baroque stage magic. In his production concept, he writes: “Alcina is a magic opera, a psychological drama, a dance opera. Visually, Alcina will sweep the audience away to a Baroque wonderland: we will be using all the stage techniques of the Baroque period. The costume designs will also correspond to the period – magical costumes, knights, Amazons, animal-like creatures, Baroque chimeras and monsters – the entire bandwidth of Baroque aesthetics will be brought back to life based on original sketches from the period”.