Tuesday, 02. June 2020 18:00 Botanical Gardens

“Colours in sound” – vocal music through the ages

Open-Air concert

Botanical garden, picture: Thomas Ziegler

Botanical garden

Promenade concert (no seating) with a picnic on the lawn and a guided tour of the Botanical Garden

Musical director: Jens Lorenz
Universitätschor Halle „Johann Friedrich Reichardt“,
Pfeiferstuhl Music Halle

In collaboration with the Botanical Garden of Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

incl. picnic 

A landscape like music: what more beautiful setting could there be for a summer serenade than the Botanical Garden? Located idyllically in the middle of the city, it was created in 1689 at the founding of the university – one of the first botanical gardens in Prussia. Also in the grounds of the Botanical Garden is the observatory dating from 1787–1788, which was built by the architect of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Carl Gotthard Langhans. Nature provides the sound and rhythm, melody line and web of harmony for the Johann Friedrich Reichardt University Choir and Pfeiferstuhl Music Halle, and awakens visitors’ every sense.