The smart way to visit Handel House.

For groups large and small, from specialists to kindergarten tots. Exciting tours adapted to suit the age of your group and the time you have. Also, we’re glad to cater to special requests – so don’t be shy.

If you’d like to book a guided tour of Handel House, it’s best to contact us beforehand – that way, we can take time to discuss the tour with you. For example, from a certain number of people, we reserve the right to split groups into two: that makes it much more enjoyable for you and for us.

During the tours, we take you through the two permanent exhibitions, “Handel – The European” and the “Historical Musical Instruments” exhibition.

Choose what type of tour suits you best – you’ll find the person to contact for the tour of your choice in the respective drop-down menus.

Contact for private tours: Karl Altenburg, 49 (0) 345 / 500 90 219 or

Tip 1: Take advantage of our audio tours – what’s more, they’re free of charge.

Tip 2: Museums-Guide

In the exhibitions of the Handel-House we offer our visitors a mobile information system based on WLAN/WiFi. At more than 50 locations of the exhibitions "Handel - the European" and "Historical Musical Instruments", you can get additional information with your smartphone, tablet and similar devices by means of NFC tags or QR codes. No app or additional storage is required. This service is free for visitors.

Audio tours in German, English (and French) – free of charge

Just imagine a pleasant voice coming out of the wall and weaving a web of history and stories around you – for 40 wonderful minutes.

“Handel – The European” audio tour: German, English, French

“Historical Musical Instruments” audio tour: German, English

Please book your audio tour, stating which language you want, at the museum ticket desk. You can also get full information about museum admission prices there.

Private tours for adults

“Handel – The European” beckons you for a trip back through time to the life and work of George Frideric Handel. By contrast, the “Historical Musical Instruments” exhibition teaches you curious and worthwhile facts about musical instruments – from the Baroque period to the present day.

To make the tour more enjoyable for you and for us, we reserve the right to split groups into two from a certain number of people.

Duration: 1 to 1 ½ hours
Number of people: up to 25
Cost: €50 per group plus admission to the museum; tour guides are admitted free of charge

Karl Altenburg
49 (0) 345 / 500 90 219

Private tours for toddlers, teenagers and schools

Logically, young children and teenagers don’t look and listen in the same way as adults, as our museum educator and staff well know. That is why, when they visit the exhibitions, kids always find out the kind of information about George Frideric Handel, music and musical instruments that suits and interests them.

For schools and day nurseries:
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Number of people: up to 25 children
Cost: €1 per pupil, admission free for one accompanying person

Gudrun Müske
49 (0) 345 / 500 90 216

For other groups:
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Number of people: 7 to 12 children
Cost: €50 per group, admission free for one accompanying person

Gudrun Müske
49 (0) 345 / 500 90 216

Tip: For children aged 6-12, we regularly offer exciting workshops in Handel House.

Tailor-made tours

Do you want emphasis to be placed on any specific aspect during your tour? Or do you have an idea of your own?
We’ll be happy to oblige.

Contact us
Karl Altenburg
49 (0) 345 / 500 90 219

Tip: You can also book tours of 500 year-old Wilhelm Friedemann Bach House. Johann Sebastian Bach’s eldest son lived and worked there. Today, the house invites you in to learn about the rich musical history of this city on the River Saale. Well worth a visit, the exhibition is entitled: “Halle, The City of Music”.