Donnerstag, 09.12.2021

Events in the museum area pause

Following a risk analysis, the Handel House Foundation has decided to suspend all events taking place in its exhibition areas from December 7 to January 9, 2022. Museum and library of the Handel House will remain open

This is the Foundation’s response to the challenging pandemic situation and official safety advisories to avoid gatherings. Affected by this are the offers of the “Sound Games”, the “Authentic Sound”, special tours through the annual exhibition and bookable group tours. In addition, all museum educational programs will not take place until January 9, 2022.

This measure is intended to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus in Halle. Visitors and employees should not be exposed to an increased risk of infection. Furthermore, the Handel House Foundation would like to emphasize with this measure that cultural institutions are reacting very sensitively to the pandemic situation, that the safety of their visitors is very important to them, and that they can remain open for these reasons.

The museum and the library of the Handel House remain open to individual visitors. Events will also take place in the Chamber Music Hall of the Handel House, except for the Advent Concert. The hall has a tested RLT system with sufficient fresh air supply, so that with distances and with the wearing of a medical mask in accordance with the applicable state ordinance, the holding of events in this area appears unproblematic. In concrete terms, this means that the “Seniorenkolleg” and “Musik hinterfragt” series of events will be offered in the Chamber Music Hall as planned.